The Sweetest Smile

Every now and then you run into a person that genuinely lights up the world. In particular, their world–the one that they personally influence. We just get to step into their world for a moment, and we love them for it. The smiler in this particular photograph was actually not my client. The real client […]

The Double Fun Shoot

One of my favorite things about this senior portrait shoot of this Colorado grad (other than her fabulous leather jacket and scarf), was how this shoot started. This senior’s mom greeted me at the country club by giving me a big hug as we caught up on what’s been happening since the last family portrait […]

Tiny Baby Feet

There’s just something about teeny tiny baby feet that make me smile. These little feet are 8 days fresh. I believe someday they will grow up and do big things in this world.

In Honor Of

In Honor Of Taken at Arlington National Cemetery while out in Washington, D.C. for a funeral. The sad beauty of so many lives loved and lost of those who have sacrificed for their country, their family, and their beliefs. It is a humbling and life-changing experience to see and reflect on the beauty and brevity […]

Pre-Wedding Prayer Hide-e-Hole

Pre-Wedding Prayer Hide-e-Hole This cutie couple comes with a cute story. As the bride sat jittery in the bridal suite at Mount Vernon Country Club, she looked at me and quietly said, “I want to pray with him, can you arrange that?” Looking around the venue, I found a half door in the back hallway […]

Maryann + Curtis

Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River