This photo of the day was taken in Cabo San Lucas while on a work trip in 2010 (I know, rough life.) While waiting at the market, I took the photo and didn’t realize that I was supposed to pay to have the privilege to do so. Oops. This lizard cost me some pesos. Thanks […]

“The Look”

As a continuation from last Black & Wednesday’s posted photo, six month old little baby Saige took a few moments to recover after her faceplant. We’ve all been there. However, this just proves that little girls learn early on how to give “the look.”

My Client Fell Over

Shot outdoors by the river in South Fork, Colorado at the Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast— this family portrait session featuring six-month-old baby Saige just couldn’t get any more adorable. Still working on her sitting skills, my client had previously fallen over (as in flat out face in the grass) and needed some assistance […]

Maryann + Curtis

Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River