This little girl was the middle child on a family photo shoot.  The shoot was at an amphitheater and this particular shot was snapped while she was playing all by herself in the theater seats.

Meet Janet.

Meet Janet. She is one of 16 graduates from a special needs school in California where I was contracted to do their graduation photos. I had no idea what I was walking into when I agreed to do the school’s photos. Figuring out how to get pictures of those with wheelchairs, moods, muscle control challenges, […]

First Time Faith

This one brings back memories. With a heart and a dream to pursue photography, this was my very first shoot on my own in my attempt to be a “real photographer” and the very last picture taken on the shoot. Taken in my little apartment on a couch pushed up against the wall, my very […]

Little White Church

Everyone needs a little white church in their life. This one’s mine. A building with history and charm in a little town that means a lot to me, I enjoy driving past this no matter what time of year. This picture was taken on a bright fall day with a bluebird sky, and although I […]

Leather & Lace

  Every couple I ever shot has a story. I love back stories. At some point during my time with them I always try and squeeze out a tale or two of a juicy detail about their relationship, engagement, or history. This particular couple was my Harley couple that rode in from six states away […]

Maryann + Curtis

Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River