Stairway to Pretty

Taken in the spring while on a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, I took a moment to savor the blooming cherry blossoms as I walked towards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I have a thing for cherry blossoms. The view in color was stunning, but the picture in black and white haunts me. So […]

Having A Moment

While hosting a party on the deck to celebrate the end of summer, I absentmindedly forgot to keep an eye on my furry friend and I let him get lost in the shuffle of the festivities and wander off. He tends to not wander far, so I wasn’t very worried. Upon doing a pet check-in, […]

Cheers To Our Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, this week’s black & white photo story is an ode and a salute to the people in it. Randomly taken at a Veterans center during one of their events, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the staff interacting with all of the armed forces residents during one of their “Tavern Nights” and […]

Maryann + Curtis

Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River