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With a little bit of city girl mixed with mountain charm, I split my time serving the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Vail Valley, and southern Colorado markets…and I am always able to be persuaded to explore the great beyond. My goal is to create an experience and take images that make you smile and remember exactly what that moment is all about.


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The Sweetest Smile

Every now and then you run into a person that genuinely lights up the world. In particular, their world–the one that they personally influence. We just get to step into their world for a moment, and we love them for it. The smiler in this particular photograph was actually not my client. The real client was a small business owner that hired me to shoot bio shots for her website and proposal materials who happened to be  sitting right next to the kind heart in this photograph. My actual client was wonderful and her shoot went well, but the warmth and energy flowing out of this other woman made me want to take her picture. So I did. I later on convinced her to do a mini-shoot that lasted about 5 minutes, gifting her the photos. She hated getting her picture taken, and yet she let me do it. I don’t know if she ever did anything with them or if she even liked them…but I sure liked her and hope she keeps bringing her smile to the rest of the world.


The Sweetest Smile
The Sweetest Smile


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