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With a little bit of city girl mixed with mountain charm, I split my time serving the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Vail Valley, and southern Colorado markets…and I am always able to be persuaded to explore the great beyond. My goal is to create an experience and take images that make you smile and remember exactly what that moment is all about.


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Pre-Wedding Prayer Hide-e-Hole

Pre-Wedding Prayer Hide-e-Hole

Pre-Wedding Prayer at Mount Vernon Country Club
Pre-Wedding Prayer

This cutie couple comes with a cute story. As the bride sat jittery in the bridal suite at Mount Vernon Country Club, she looked at me and quietly said, “I want to pray with him, can you arrange that?” Looking around the venue, I found a half door in the back hallway just steps from the bridal suite she’d been hiding out in that was perfect for a pre-wedding prayer.  Not wanting to be seen, I hid him behind the half door and arranged their pre-wedding meeting. With a prayer just between the two of them, they held hands and gave a quick kiss through the door and parted ways…only to be joined twenty minutes later in happily ever after.

Maryann + Curtis

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