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With a little bit of city girl mixed with mountain charm, I split my time serving the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Vail Valley, and southern Colorado markets…and I am always able to be persuaded to explore the great beyond. My goal is to create an experience and take images that make you smile and remember exactly what that moment is all about.


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The Unexpected Ninja

The Unexpected Ninja - Ashography
The Unexpected Ninja

While shooting bio portraits for authors at an author conference at a hotel in Denver, this particular client needing portraits for the back of her upcoming book, website, and promo materials seemed fairly standard and just like all the rest of the lovely writers that I had met that day…until she busted out her ninja swords. I had no idea when I woke up that morning that I would be shooting a ninja that day. It had started to rain right as she was going through her ninja sword performance and this was one of the last shots as she ended her routine and caught her breath.

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