I love working with authors because I am one. (It takes one to know one!) All the hard work put into creating, editing, layout, marketing, launching and publishing is all due to the siren call of writing. You have a message, a project and a reason to tell the world and share your story. My passion lies in photographing author bio portraits and being a part of book publishing projects that matter. Tell me about your book so we can tell the world who you are. You’re an author… you need an author photo worthy of your book bio, website, and promo materials. I can help.


Don’t be afraid to schedule a professional shoot. No cell phones and absolutely no selfies! You can’t get a good picture if you never actually pull the trigger and schedule your shoot. Go ahead, you’re worth it. Your book and business projects deserve it. Do your publishing project justice. Penning a children’s book, memoir, non-fiction or a fiction novel? Represent yourself in the best way possible for your genre through a professional portrait session—your readers want to connect with you. Your professional author photos will give them the best version of the real you. They’re waiting to see the person behind the pages. You have a message, use your professional author pictures to say a thousand words.

Really. Flash those pearly whites. Relax. You may be nervous, but cut loose and enjoy the moment. In today’s digital age a lot can be done in post-processing, but the photographer cannot change your facial expression. If you are irritated, grumpy, or unhappy, it will show.

As a published author, I’ve been on both sides of the lens and understand the nerves (and the need) for professional author photos. For a few tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your author shoot, download the FREE pdf of Tips & Tricks Of An Author Photo Shoot.