Cowboy holding baby

Hey there little partner

Welcome to the world little guy. I think you’re in for a wild ride and are going to be just fine.


Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler, the big bad senior. I love senior portraits because there’s a lot you can find out about a person at a single photo shoot. High school seniors in particular have stories about homecoming, college applications, summer jobs and family gripes. This handsome guy brought his dog and his baseball duds to his senior portrait shoot and there’s nothing I like more than seeing a young person surround themselves with things they love. All my best to Tyler and his fellow seniors.

Black & White Twigs and Berries

Twigs and Berries

Although not a nature photographer, I truly respect those that are. I shoot people. Give me your wrinkles, moods, insecurities, shy smiles and awkward family dynamics. I love it. However, every now and then someone talks me into shooting something other than people. This particular shot was a berry bush creeping onto the barn door on a covered bridge in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C. I love this piece of pretty along the peaceful trail of the Potomac river and wish I could go on that peaceful walk again and again and again.

Just for giggles, I’m throwing in a photo from one of the first photo shoots I ever did that started out as a fitness shoot and ended with a little spice. This forty-five year-old with five kids decided she needed a little proof that she still “had it.” For all those entering the new year with resolutions, I salute you.

Blue high heels in the rain

Cold Feet

This shot was taken just seconds before the rain came down. The wedding may have been delayed 30 minutes due to the chilly fall storm, but it wasn’t enough to give the bride cold feet!