Wagon in field at Million Ranch

Million Ranch – Days Gone By

This is not just another wagon on a ranch. This is a piece of personal history. Sitting in a pasture at what once was the Million Ranch in Southern Colorado where my great grand dad homesteaded, the current property owners have preserved and left much of the barn and equipment in peace.

This particular photo is nostalgic due to the fact that it was snapped the weekend of my grandma’s memorial and a tour of the ranch property was arranged for our family. We got to walk through the original homestead house and see the cozy rooms where she was raised, the barn she played in and the fields that held many of her childhood stories.

I am grateful for that day spent with family and for the current property owners who not only preserved a lot of the land’s history but allowed us to experience and become a part of it for a few precious moments.

black and white pic of rusty lock on a barn door

Locked Up Tight

Usually random shots like this are taken on a shoot as part of the details I notice of the venue, event, location or moment. This shot happened to come from taking property photos for some mundane paperwork on for a construction permit. The door to this barn had actually fallen off completely due to old age and rot and we had just propped it back into position when I saw this lock still holding fast and doing its job. I like the grit and age. Even after all the years, the door may not be attached but it was still locked up tight. Job well done.

Taken at a Mad Hatter Tea Party celebrating a baby shower, I loved the light reflecting off the glass dome making it appear as if the tea cup were trapped inside two domes as gobs of presents loom in the background. Sometimes I feel like that tea cup, set aside sitting beautifully hidden beneath a shell of isolation while looking out on others in celebration.

I love parties and I especially love celebrations. Too often it’s tempting to sweep these moments under the rug and cave into the desire to not make a big deal about them.

Weddings are a big deal and wanting to celebrate with friends and family in adding someone into your life is worth celebrating in whatever way that means something to you. Having a baby and bringing a new life into this world–be it your first child or your fourth–is a big deal and worth celebrating. Graduations are worth celebrating the hard work and transition from one chapter and accomplishment to the next. Birthdays are worth taking a moment and celebrating the number of years being on this earth, be it just one year or sixty-seven.

These moments in life are worth celebrating. Don’t miss them. Don’t pass them up. Don’t stay in a shell. Celebrate when it’s time to celebrate. It’s worth it.

black and white teacup in a glass dome

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Teenage boy looking out into the horizon.

Meet Greyson. This handsome teen is ready to rule the world. Greyson is the one who actually approached me and booked his own photo session. When I met his dad to confirm some logistics I asked his father if he wanted most of the shots with the bini on or off. Greyson may have scheduled his own pictures, but let’s be real–his mom and dad are fitting the bill and are my true clients! As most dads would say, “Hat off. If you can get him to take it off, no bini.” Well, there’s more than one way to take a hat off.

Man in white t-shirt. Author Brad Poppie of the Poppie Factor.

Author Brad Poppie of The Poppie Factor

Meet Brad. This doctor turned author turned up the heat during his photo shoot at Union Station in downtown Denver. From businessman to body builder, he’s a guy on the go and has got the “Poppie Factor.”