Wedding Photography – Ashography

You never know what’s going to happen on one’s wedding day, but one thing’s for sure. No matter what happens, you want to look out-of-this-world gorgeous. There’s just something about a bride getting ready on her wedding day that is nothing short of breathtaking. Whether it’s a large wedding ceremony or an audience of one, the bride wants to meet her groom looking stunning. Cheers to all the effort and details entailed it takes to be beautiful on wedding day!

two wedding rings on cracked wooden stump

One of my favorite elements of shooting weddings is getting to know the personalities and stories behind the couples because no two are alike. There’s also personality and stories in the very elements a couple chooses to be a part of their wedding, especially the wedding rings. It’s been fun over the years to see the rings reflect the ring bearers and hear the stories behind the bling. Some are family heirlooms, some represent cultural backgrounds and history, some express symbols of faith while others are just downright gorgeous.

The one thing I love about this particular photo is that it seems to tell its own story–while there are cracks and signs of age, the foundation circle is still unbroken and the rings remain beautifully at the center. I wish the wearers of these rings and the many others I’ve had the honor of shooting the same in the journeys before them.

Groom with groomsman close to his face

Wedding Boys

Oh brothers. Weddings so often revolve around the girls (and why wouldn’t it?) and until that magical moment of “I do’s” the boys are forgotten. Some of my favorite moments of a wedding day is getting a sneak peek at what the boys are up to while the girls do what girls do on the big day. In this particular case, the boys were holed up in a room at the country club hanging out until they were called to perform their manly groomsmen duties. To pass the time, the groom gathered up his groomsmen and we hit the driving range for a bit. This particular photo is of the groom and his brother…doing what brothers do. I think they enjoyed the fresh air.