Peek-A-Boo Girl


This little girl was the middle child on a family photo shoot.  The shoot was at an amphitheater and this particular shot was snapped while she was playing all by herself in the theater seats.

In honor of Veterans Day, this week’s black & white photo story is an ode and a salute to the people in it. Randomly taken at a Veterans center during one of their events, I thoroughly enjoyed shooting the staff interacting with all of the armed forces residents during one of their “Tavern Nights” and all the smiles that went with it. The stories told and the hearts behind the uniforms and medals were something I will never forget. Thank you and cheers to our Veterans, their families, and the sacrifices made for the freedoms we share. We salute you.

Tavern Night

Cheers to our Veterans


The Beautiful Bride

The Beautiful Bride

It’s always fun to shoot weddings and be a part of someone’s special day. It’s an honor and a privilege, and as a wedding photographer I hope to never forget that, no matter how many weddings I’m a part of. Especially at elopements. So often the prevailing attitude among some photographers is that somehow elopements are not as important because there’s not as many in attendance or they aren’t spending as much. I believe just the opposite. Someone who has made the decision to only have a select few or even no one else at all in attendance highly values this moment and is very careful regarding who is a part of their day and their memories. I do not take this lightly. I love weddings — I love everything about them. I love the vows, the nerves, the bling, the rings, the simplicity of capturing smiles and the uniting of two hearts before our Maker.

In this particular photo, the day did not go as planned. This poor bride and groom showed up to the hair appointment only to have the salon closed for the day, the restaurant lose their dinner reservation, and to top things off it hailed during their ceremony forcing them to cancel their outdoor ceremony plans. And yet, I watched as this couple took every disappointment in stride and focus on the one thing that was important–getting hitched. This photo captures this wonderfully calm and collected bride taking a moment to breathe, smile, and prepare the last bits of beauty before saying her “I do’s.”