Some like roses. Some like daisies or lilies…this girl is in love with snapdragons. No matter what color, my favorite flower in God’s entire creation is the snapdragon. Don’t get me wrong, I like all flowers in every color, shape and size, but this one has a particular place in my heart  and is filled with memories from my past. Growing up, snapdragons of all colors and hues lined the walkway of my childhood home and I fondly remember my sister and I pinching the flowers to make them open up, and if you pinch them just right they “sing.” We made them sing all kinds of songs.  Any kid would understand how amazing this is. Somehow as an adult I haven’t lost my love of this stunning flower and every time I see one I can’t help but giggle. This stunning flower is oddly known to symbolize grace under pressure or inner strength in trying circumstances, which may be another reason this flower makes me smile.

The key to my heart is not through roses or lilies, give me any color of snap dragon and my heart will sing a thank you.

snapdragons at Ford Gardens

The oddly beautiful snapdragon – Ashography

Every now and then I get a glimpse  of a piece of pretty during a shoot that is something other than my client. I’d like to say that I’m 100% focused on my clients during a shoot, but at times there are details that catch my attention and take my breath away. After a shoot at Betty Ford Gardens in Vail, Colorado I had a few moments to wander this little piece of heaven and enjoy God’s creation through my lens. Enjoy.

black and white close up of flower

two wedding rings on cracked wooden stump

One of my favorite elements of shooting weddings is getting to know the personalities and stories behind the couples because no two are alike. There’s also personality and stories in the very elements a couple chooses to be a part of their wedding, especially the wedding rings. It’s been fun over the years to see the rings reflect the ring bearers and hear the stories behind the bling. Some are family heirlooms, some represent cultural backgrounds and history, some express symbols of faith while others are just downright gorgeous.

The one thing I love about this particular photo is that it seems to tell its own story–while there are cracks and signs of age, the foundation circle is still unbroken and the rings remain beautifully at the center. I wish the wearers of these rings and the many others I’ve had the honor of shooting the same in the journeys before them.

black and white photo of the Million Ranch barn in South Fork Colorado

Million Ranch Homestead Barn – If These Walls Could Talk

There’s a lot of tales behind this old barn. Part of the Million Ranch, my grandma has stories of growing up playing in the haystacks, raising her pet lamb that drank from a baby bottle, and avoiding the meat shed. The current owners of this property made a gallant decision years ago to preserve this old barn and its history, giving it supports and a new roof.

My family got a chance to take a tour of the ranch and this beautiful barn the weekend we were all together celebrating my Ginnymom’s memorial. Seeing my niece and nephew take turns swinging on the gate and overhearing my mom and my aunti swap tales of visiting this place as little girls and playing in the fields is something to be treasured. It’s nice to be able to take a moment and remember history. This old barn has plenty memories and of secrets. I wonder what these barn walls would say if they could talk.