It’s A Black & White World

If a picture says a thousand words, black & white photography speaks volumes.

The more we grow up the more we learn that things aren’t always black and white…except of course, in photography. In the real world there are areas that are grey, messy, undefined, chaotic and complicated. Yet in the world of photography there is just something so moving and spectacularly fascinating about black and white photos.

A while back I was issued a B&W photography challenge via social media. Challenge accepted. This gave me an excuse to dig up some of my favorites and ponder exactly what it is I love about this type of photography and why so many are drawn to it.

As a continuation of that photography challenge and extension of my love for all things black & white, welcome to Black & Wednesdays. Once a week a photo will be let loose on the photography blog world, perhaps with a little snippet of the back story on how the photograph was taken or the tale of the subject and why I found it interesting. Photos certainly tell a story. Sometimes it can be a lot of fun to hear the stories behind the story. Let the bloggity blog blog begin!


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Wedding Photography – Ashography

You never know what’s going to happen on one’s wedding day, but one thing’s for sure. No matter what happens, you want to look out-of-this-world gorgeous. There’s just something about a bride getting ready on her wedding day that is nothing short of breathtaking. Whether it’s a large wedding ceremony or an audience of one, the bride wants to meet her groom looking stunning. Cheers to all the effort and details entailed it takes to be beautiful on wedding day!

two wedding rings on cracked wooden stump

One of my favorite elements of shooting weddings is getting to know the personalities and stories behind the couples because no two are alike. There’s also personality and stories in the very elements a couple chooses to be a part of their wedding, especially the wedding rings. It’s been fun over the years to see the rings reflect the ring bearers and hear the stories behind the bling. Some are family heirlooms, some represent cultural backgrounds and history, some express symbols of faith while others are just downright gorgeous.

The one thing I love about this particular photo is that it seems to tell its own story–while there are cracks and signs of age, the foundation circle is still unbroken and the rings remain beautifully at the center. I wish the wearers of these rings and the many others I’ve had the honor of shooting the same in the journeys before them.

black and white photo of the Million Ranch barn in South Fork Colorado

Million Ranch Homestead Barn – If These Walls Could Talk

There’s a lot of tales behind this old barn. Part of the Million Ranch, my grandma has stories of growing up playing in the haystacks, raising her pet lamb that drank from a baby bottle, and avoiding the meat shed. The current owners of this property made a gallant decision years ago to preserve this old barn and its history, giving it supports and a new roof.

My family got a chance to take a tour of the ranch and this beautiful barn the weekend we were all together celebrating my Ginnymom’s memorial. Seeing my niece and nephew take turns swinging on the gate and overhearing my mom and my aunti swap tales of visiting this place as little girls and playing in the fields is something to be treasured. It’s nice to be able to take a moment and remember history. This old barn has plenty memories and of secrets. I wonder what these barn walls would say if they could talk.

Wagon in field at Million Ranch

Million Ranch – Days Gone By

This is not just another wagon on a ranch. This is a piece of personal history. Sitting in a pasture at what once was the Million Ranch in Southern Colorado where my great grand dad homesteaded, the current property owners have preserved and left much of the barn and equipment in peace.

This particular photo is nostalgic due to the fact that it was snappedĀ the weekend of my grandma’s memorial and a tour of the ranch property was arranged for our family. We got to walk through the original homestead house and see the cozy rooms where she was raised, the barn she played in and the fields that held many of her childhood stories.

I am grateful for that day spent with family and for the current property owners who not only preserved a lot of the land’s history but allowed us to experience and become a part of it for a few precious moments.