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Some like roses. Some like daisies or lilies…this girl is in love with snapdragons. No matter what color, my favorite flower in God’s entire creation is the snapdragon. Don’t get me wrong, I like all flowers in every color, shape and size, but this one has a particular place in my heart  and is filled with memories from my past. Growing up, snapdragons of all colors and hues lined the walkway of my childhood home and I fondly remember my sister and I pinching the flowers to make them open up, and if you pinch them just right they “sing.” We made them sing all kinds of songs.  Any kid would understand how amazing this is. Somehow as an adult I haven’t lost my love of this stunning flower and every time I see one I can’t help but giggle. This stunning flower is oddly known to symbolize grace under pressure or inner strength in trying circumstances, which may be another reason this flower makes me smile.

The key to my heart is not through roses or lilies, give me any color of snap dragon and my heart will sing a thank you.

snapdragons at Ford Gardens

The oddly beautiful snapdragon – Ashography

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